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Top 10 Drift Boat Necessities

By: admin  |  November 24, 2017

Here’s a countdown of the “Top 10 Drift Boat Necessities,” according to the guys at Boulder Boat Works:

  1. Love the river.
  2. Knowing your driftboat will last your whole life.
  3. Cold drinks matter. A lot.
  4. Friends. You have to have friends to run a driftboat. It takes two (or maybe three). Friends matter.
  5. A strong yet lightweight boat. Anytime a human powered craft is stronger and lighter, it is superior.
  6. Great coolers. Cold drinks matter.
  7. Nice oars matter!
  8. A boat that doesn’t sound like you are ruining it when it slides over rocks
  9. Someone who will stay on the sticks till the guy up front gets it done
  10. Someone who will stand up front and not stop fishing

To read the full article by Tim Romano, see An Inside Look at the Ultimate Drift Boat published on Field & Stream.

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