Row It and You'll Know It

Go where others don’t dare.
Move freely, unrestrained by place or the seasons.



We Build Boats. But We're Really In The Guide Business.

Guiding you to where you really want to go.
We created a company built around getting people outside.
On the water. To places and to fish that spark conversations and bold-faced lies for generations.

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We've Harnessed Technology And Craftsmanship To Build The World's Finest Drift Boats.

Unlike heavy drift boats made of fiberglass, we handcraft our boats using some of the most advanced materials – the strongest, most flexible polymer that can be welded by hand. The combination of old world craftsmanship with new world materials is what makes our boats the lightest, fastest, and best handling drift boats on the water. And they’re virtually maintenance free.

Here’s Why:

Oar Lighter, Faster, and Easier to Row.

Water Created with Sketch. Able to Access More Water.

Boat Created with Sketch. Guaranteed Extreme Durability.

Performance that lasts... forever.



Built lighter and more flexible, the shallows, and more trout – are now within reach. Glide over 4 inches of water with 2 people and a cooler full of Colorado Kool-Aid. Boulder boats use an advanced polymer technology that allows us to hand-weld our hulls. They’re faster on the water, more nimble at every turn and guaranteed for life.


Engage in stealth mode the moment you hit the water. Far quieter than any fiberglass or aluminum boats on the river, our hulls are made from a different material than everyone else – so it doesn’t take the pounding and hull slap that spook the fish. Emit less vibrations throughout the entire float, so whether you’re setting up for a cast or rowing bigger water, fish won’t detect your movements. The perfect cast is up to you.


We wanted a boat that could take whatever the river could dish out. So we pioneered the use of an advanced polyethylene material in our hulls – making them damn near indestructible. So much so, professional guides row our boats 250+ days a year and put them through the ultimate gauntlet – with zero maintenance required. Experts in the industry have literally called our hulls “bomb-proof”. Their words, not ours. But don’t let the strength scare you – because they’re so light, our boats launch easily and are a breeze to row – allowing you to glide over rocks without ever worrying about the hull. Especially becuase it’s guaranteed for life.

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