Boulder Boat Works Custom Raft Frame Systems

Custom Decking, Boxes and Rod Trays for Your Raft Frames

With 20+ years of boat manufacturing experience and numerous inquiries on retrofitting raft frames to make them more functional, we’ve decided to expand our production offerings of our polymer material to include raft decking, boxes and rod trays. Our material is a perfect fit for creating flat, usable space on raft frames that allows anglers and boaters cleaner and dryer spots to keep packs, bags coolers and personal items while fishing out of a raft.






Our flat decking can be used in flooring, bench or side walkway platform applications and can be custom milled for the perfect fit. This makes rowing, overnights and fishing out of a raft more effective and comfortable.







In addition to decking, we have designed an oarsman stash boxes and angler drink caddies that provide a perfect space for beverages and small items that are protected but still easily accessible.







Finally, our rod trays were born from our River Skiff design and translate perfectly to fishing raft frames. Our flat rod trays eliminate the need to fight the frustrations of rod tubes often made up of cheap pieces of PVC pipe strapped to your frame. Our trays are designed to provide additional flat space and create a clean and easy solution that plagues every raft fishing vessel.

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