More Than Just Service.

Imagine having the ability to speak with the actual folks that built your boat. Yes, your boat.

We moved our shop to the heart of the Roaring Fork Valley, across the street from our own testing waters where we ensure each boat meets the Boulder standard. Just as importantly, our facility is a place to connect – where owners, guides, fly fishing addicts and first-timers can congregate and learn from our experienced staff.

When the time comes to service your Boulder, you can be assured you will receive the utmost service from our team.


Services We Offer

• Upgradable Boat Parts
• Full Wood Package Refinish
• Fresh Ideas to Implement onto Older Boats
• A full service repair and maintenance shop to ease your mind when your boat is off the water.

Maintenance Manuals are available to any customer upon request. Issues that you don’t find in the manual, feel free to reach out and talk directly to one of the fine craftsman who built your boat directly.

Due to the seasonality of our business we have developed two tiers of  pricing to push all maintenance and service appointments to our Low Season when we can offer a lower hourly rate. We are hopeful these tiers will allow you to get any work done when our team is available.


Service Season Labor: August –  January @ $150/Hour 
Production Season Labor: February –  July @ $200/Hour 


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