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An Inside Look at the Ultimate Drift Boat

By: admin  |  June 21, 2018

We all dream about exploring different rivers and finding our perfect spot. That perfect honey hole no one else knows how to get to, except you. My spot is called Paradise Island. And where it is, isn’t really important. Because that’s my spot, and it won’t give you the same feeling that it gives me. See, what’s important is the exploration, the journey to find your own spots in your own rivers. After all, who among us wouldn’t rather know their state by its rivers, as opposed to its roads?

What adventures will you go on next when you have the world’s finest drift boat?

It’s not just the classic beauty of a Boulder Boat Works drift boat that stands out from the crowd… it’s the superior technology and finest quality materials that make it the lightest, fastest, safest, best handling drift boat on the water.

Boulder Boat Works is able to back up each boat with a lifetime hull guarantee thanks to superior technology, craftsmanship, and design. See, unlike fiberglass hulls, which are heavy and extremely vulnerable to rocks, Boulder Boat Works drift boats are hand welded by master craftsmen using high density polyethylene to create the best drift boat hulls in existence.

If you don’t own one, it’s because you haven’t rowed one.

A Boulder Boat Works drift boat is quite simply the finest fishing tool for any fisherman serious about taking their fishing or oarsman skills to the next level.

In fact, Boulder Boat Works drift boats have completed 42 first river descents by a drift boat (more than any other brand). We’re not suggesting every owner go out and attempt a first descent, but isn’t it reassuring to know that you could?

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