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The Boulder Boat Works Anthem

By: admin  |  October 8, 2018


We build boats.

But we’re really in the guide business.
Guiding you to where you really want to be  –  on the water.
To places and to fish that spark stories and bold-faced lies for generations.

We believe in the fruits of hard labor.
We work tirelessly to build the ultimate drift boat
100% by hand, in a facility located feet from a river bank
where finicky trout feed on airborne mayflies.

Details matter, and we believe in doing things
like the old-timers did, with a purpose and a commitment
to building a boat that’s damn near indestructible.
Because rocks don’t care how long you’ve been rowing
or how much you spent on those waders.

It’s not just about the fish.
Our boats provide you a superior drift
to reach those priceless moments in time.

When the waters get shallower and connections
with people and places get deeper.
This is what fuels our passion, and we will never compromise.


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