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Boulder Boat Works, Inc. is the first to pioneer the use of polymer hulls in drift boat construction. Boulder Boat Works’ hulls are made from a special Marine Grade, U.V. protected,VHMW-PE (Very High Molecular Weight, Polyethylene) plastic. We have combined the most innovative hull material (VHMW-PE) with classic drift boat designs to produce the world’s first and finest series of polymer hulled drift boats.

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Our polymer drift boats solve most, if not all, of the problems associated with fiberglass, aluminum and wooden drift boat hulls. They are easily the strongest and the lightest drift boat hulls on the market and the lowest maintenance hulls money can buy. That is a very rare trio of features – Strongest, Lightest, Low Maintenance. In addition to those major points, they are also extremely ‘slippery’ boats both through the water and, more importantly, they slide off rocks easily. They are quiet in the water, warm on cold days, and U.V. protected for life. The VHMW-PE material is solid color throughout which means there are no gel coats to repair, no chips to retouch, no painting or patching for the life of the boat. Say goodbye to chine repairs. Our boats come with a lifetime guarantee against bottom punctures and hull leaks.

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Boulder Boat Works’ polymer drift boats have as many advantages for the Pro Guide/Outfitter as they do for the first-time drift boat owner. Both will appreciate all of the advantages of our Boulder Boat Works’ polymer hull. The Outfitter will appreciate the design, performance and low hull maintenance of these boats. The first-time owner will appreciate the strength and durability of the hull, especially in the first year on the river. Our ability to customize each drift boat to suit the individual is appreciated by all. Continue reading »

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