Sawyer Smoker Ash Dynelite Oars

The Sawyer Smoker Ash Oars are 9′ DyneLite Oars that are the most premium oars on the market, and a perfect compliment to your one-of-a-kind Boulder Boat Works drift boat.

  • Lightweight and buoyant, these oars are made of Premium Northern White Ash.
  • No Pressure! The DyneLite Oars utilize the natural flexibility in the wood to counterbalance pressure from your wrists, elbows and shoulders.
  • Save your energy for fish-fighting: this 9-foot oar has the benefit of the lightest whitewater proven DyneLite blade made, taking more stress out of the rower and promoting safer navigation through snaky waters.
  • The DyneLite Kevlar Pro-Tip Protects your oar blade from rocks or other debris, and protects your comfort with black vinyl grip covers.
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