Build Your Dream Boat

There are 10 steps to customize and submit your dream boat

High Side Dory


Our High Side hull is the ideal big water boat for those classic freestone rivers across the west. Its higher sidewall profile and bow is best suited for those anglers that will be running faster rivers offering class 3+ rapids to navigate.

Low Side Dory


The Low Side hull was conceived out of necessity for running most classic western trout streams with less and smaller rapids and more wind. The shorter sidewall lowers wind resistance and pushes the front angler forward in the boat giving this hull profile a “sports car” feel on the oars.

River Skiff


The Skiff hull is our newest profile and was developed following a magnitude of requests by many of the tailwater guides of the Northern Rockies. A 78” beam and lower rocker profile compared to our dory profiles provides a much longer wet line.

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