Pre-Owned Drift Boats

Boulder Boat Works sets the drift boat standard for quality, performance, technology and continues to be the choice for seasoned fishing guides and first-time rowers alike. A Certified Pre-Owned Boulder Boat is the best way to get into your dream boat without breaking the bank.

Boulder Boat Work’s advanced polymer hulls row effortlessly regardless of water levels, allowing you to float skinnier than any other drift boat on the water. Get outfitted with a used drift boat today, see our current pre-owned drift boat inventory below.

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2018 High Side Pro Guide


17 FT
17 FT

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Details and FAQs

Where are Boulder Boats made?

While the company started producing drift boats in Boulder, Co we have since moved to Carbondale, Colorado located in the Roaring Fork Valley. Moving to the valley put us five minutes from a gold medal fishery and close to our local fishing community.

What is the benefit of polymer vs. fiberglass or aluminum?

We developed a polymer hull to mitigate the abrasive encounters that are inevitable in the river. This not only maintains the structural integrity of the boat but it opens lines in the river that you cannot approach in boats made from other materials. Hull Yeah!

What is the difference between the High-Side and Low-Side hull options?

Nine inches at the bow, four inches at the oarlock, four inches in bow to stern length and 17 pounds of material. The Low-Side Hull is an ideal set up for less gradient water and higher wind exposure. While the High-Side Hull is our most versatile vessel.

What should I expect from a maintenance and upkeep perspective?

The beauty of a Boulder Boat is that the long-term maintenance outside of simple detailing and upkeep is very limited. The majority of drift boats in the industry take abuse when they encounter rocks. Fiberglass boats will inevitably need replacement or repair of your gelcoat, chines and other fiberglass components of the hull.

Pre-Owned Drift Boats

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